Open competition | Open interfaces | Open communication

UniteRT is a collaboration of leading radiation therapy (RT) technology vendors prioritizing patient needs by promoting best-in-class, interoperable RT solutions, regardless of brand, at every phase of care. The group advocates for complete freedom of choice for our customers, through transparent and fair competition. 

Charter of principles

UniteRT is a collaboration of leading radiation therapy vendors that prioritize patient needs by promoting best-in-class, interoperable solutions at every phase of care. Members of UniteRT are committed to providing customers the flexibility of choice by working towards a vendor-agnostic ecosystem where customers can choose optimal solutions based on the merits of clinical capabilities, while providing the benefits of flexibility, choice, innovation, and seamless integration. Members are aligned on the principles of open competition, open interfaces and open communication to form a bold, industry-changing, unified enterprise together, to UNITE radiation therapy solutions.

  • Open Competition: To ensure open and fair competition, clinics must be free to choose products from different vendors when they make new purchases. Members must not structure commercial deals in such a way that restricts customer choice. Members must work collaboratively between each member’s customer-support organizations and resolve issues directly between the members in a timely manner instead of via the customer.  

  • Open Interfaces: To allow products from different vendors to interoperate safely and effectively, members should strive to follow standard interfaces (such as DICOM, FHIR and HL7) in standard ways (such as according to IHE-RO profiles) or work with vendor partners towards interoperability, and members should be willing to share specifications and conformance statements promptly and free of charge to promote interoperability.

  • Open Communication: Members can freely use each other’s brand names when describing their own products, and may unilaterally make statements about how their own products work together with other members’ products, provided again that such statements are factual and neutral. 

Members are guided by the above principles also toward non-members and strive to achieve reciprocity in such relationships.



Compatibility map

*Compatibilities and comments provided here are for guidance only. Always contact the vendors in question to get specific information regarding products and versions applicable in your market.